A site centred approach is typically used if the exposure results are collected site by site as part of the Supervisor’s daily paperwork. You may have multiple operatives’ data recorded over many days or weeks period. It is best to order the site paperwork so that all days for each site are together and in order (oldest first).

Which form?

To upload asbestos exposures using a site centred approach, you will need to use the site centred approach form.

  • The form is split into two sections. Site Info and Operative Info.

Enter Site Info

  • In Site Info you will find the following fields:

    • Client - This is your company name – you will normally only see yourself.

    • Project Number - Optional field – only use if desired.

    • Site - This will list all sites you have previously worked on. It will automatically jump to the correct site as you start typing. To add a new site, hit the Add entry option at the top.

    • Contracts Manager - This is a list of all Contracts managers previously recorded by the system for your company. Again, it will automatically jump to the correct name as you start typing. To add a new CM, hit the Add entry option at the top.

    • Supervisor - As per Contracts Manager.

    • Exposure Date - This is the date the exposure occurred.

Enter operative info

Once you have entered the required information you would then move on to the second section - operative info:

  • Select the operative’s name from the list (or start typing to jump). Again Add Entry is the option at the top if this is the first time an exposure is being recorded for this operative

  • Select an ACTIVITY from the dropdown. 

  • If the activity is not listed click the MANAGE AER button to open that page up in a new tab. Create the new activity with its anticipated exposure level and then return to exposure tab.

  • Once the activity has been selected enter the duration of the exposure.


Repeat for the next operative on that site that day.

Important things to note about adding operative info:

  • If an operative carried out more than one task that day, simply create a second line for him

  • If you run out of free lines, click the ADD 10 MORE LINES button.

Load exposures and move to next date

  • Once all operatives have been entered. Click the LOAD EXPOSURES button. This will Upload that day’s exposures and also step the date onto the next day. 

  • All the site info will stay the same, as will the names of the operatives – check the day to make sure it is correct. 

  • If the same operatives are on site on the new day, simply select the Activities and enter the durations and click LOAD EXPOSURES again. 

  • However, if there are different operatives, hit CLEAR INFO BELOW and select the new people.

  • If some operatives are the same and some different, but the same overall number – you can easily overwrite the ‘wrong’ ones.

Repeat the whole process until all operatives for all days have been completed for that site. Move on to the next one by entering new site information and click UPDATE INFO ABOVE… and start again.