Welcome to this introduction to auditing using Assure360 Version 2.0. There are significant improvements over the original, so this guide will still be of use to experienced users.

Logging In

The starting point is the login page. This is a company wide login – i.e. a single username and password for the entire company. You will probably have a Database username and password – this is for the desktop only and not the App.

Starting Your First Audit

Once you have logged in, this will load up the inspection types and any bespoke question sets available to you. Press the Burger (that’s apparently what it is called!) and this will reveal the side navigation bar. We will be coming back to this bar again and again.

Press the ‘+’

… and pick from the available list. What you pick here will determine what sections and what questions are presented in the inspection. An Asbestos audit will have different questions to a General Safety or a Construction Audit. For those of you who do complete Competence Only audits, this will be one of the options at this stage. Just select Competence audit as the inspection type and it will only present the competence questions.


Once an audit has been created like this – it will be listed in the Navigation Bar with your company name, the address, the type of inspection done and the date created. Once sent to the database, the date sent will also be added.

If you need to delete an audit – side swipe to the left and select DELETE.

Once created, the Site and Personnel page will reveal high level fields to be completed. All fields are mandatory - don’t forget the site register (the people icon top right).

As the App knows who works for you, this can be a big time saver - tap the site personnel icon to bring up the pop-up.

Pick all the appropriate team members.

However, if the operative, contracts manager or supervisor is new to you, you always have the option of adding manually. The clever bit is as soon as this audit hits the database - it will update the list on the App.

Once you have completed all the fields on the Site and Personnel page – you have two more options – is this going to be a Safety Tour and whether you want to takes some general site photos. I will cover Safety Tours in the next guide - but to add site photos, tap the photo icon next to the Personnel button:

You can take up to three general photos.