Tap the Burger to reveal the questions set. This screenshot is an audit partway through to show you some features. Things to look out for are:

  • Progress Pies (ones marked are full, empty and part complete)
  • Flags for how many non-conformances are in a section (the one marked indicates one minor non-conformance only)

Assure360 is flexible and the audit should not follow a prescribed ‘path’. Dip into whichever section feels most natural. You do not need to complete a section all in one go (the progress pies will tell you when more needs to be done).

Select the questions you want to answer, quickly tap Compliant or N/A as appropriate. Any level of non-conformance will bring up a pop-up.

If you are working from an iPhone, you will use the double tap technique to navigate.

A typical section screen will look like this:

Double tap the icon, to bring up the detail on the question:

Tap save when complete.

All non conformances must have all three text boxes completed. The final box is the most important – what can we do to make sure ‘it’ doesn’t happen again (see below for more on this). Photos are optional, but help a great deal later (scroll down to see the photo button). Don’t forget to assign % responsibility – shared responsibility is common. e.g. the lighting was not isolated – the CM should have identified it in the method, but the supervisor should have known… If you assign responsibility to ‘Operative’ – you must choose which one (touch the blue Operative and select – the name from the list). If you decide an operative is at fault (e.g. climbing on the hand rails of a scaffold tower) then you should also reflect the issue in the competence questions (Needs Supervision / Needs Extensive Supervision). Consider other operatives that witnessed the behavior but did nothing – should their Professionalism (competence question) be questioned?

Further action doesn’t have to be re-write X policy or retrain Y it could just be:

  • Raise at the next H&S management meeting as a lesson learned
  • Remind the CM to do XYZ
  • Raise at the next Supervisor meeting as a lesson learned
  • Raise this best practice at the next Supervisor (or H&S) meeting.
  • Provide rubber cable tidies to all sites

Save the Pop-Up when it is complete.

The app will warn you now if something is not quite right. If the responsibility sliders add up to more / less than 100% then it will go red. If you save the Pop-Up with something incomplete, the question will gain some red icons (Text Box incomplete & Responsibility Sliders incorrect). Just go back into the question and correct the issue.

The same icons (but blue) - means all is OK. It will also tell you if a photo has been added.