Assure360 is designed to not only correct poor practice but to record and promote the good. I will explain shortly how we can record Best Practice, but first here is how we can add some further information to normal observations.

Any Compliant or N/A observation can be opened (with a double tap) - once there you can add more detail.  Whilst this is optional - you might want to do it to clarify why something is N/A, or to underline / evidence compliance. Simply type into the Observations box any required detail. You can also add a photo to further evidence your findings. Here's an example of where the site team had constructed an asbestos enclosure to a standard compliant with guidance, and the auditor wished to evidence it. Note the 'what management actions should be taken' box is left blank as the auditor just wanted to note compliance - not to generate any actions in the office.

If however the auditor was recording (for example) that a certificate was in date, but expires next week - he or she might raise an action to make sure the new certificate is issued to site as a priority. In which case the 'what management actions should be taken' box would be completed. Essentially if you want an action to follow your observation - complete this box.

Best Practices are dealt with slightly differently - tap the greyed out best practice tag - this now makes the 'what management actions should be taken' box mandatory. With Best Practice - we should always try and share the good news and embed it into standard procedure. 

You can take as many photographs as you like – there is no limit set by the App. However, your email service might have something else to say about it. Each embedded photo is approximately 2-300KB, therefore 40 photos would be 12MB, some email services do not allow you to send these large files.