Once an incident has been created, an investigation may be required. This could have been decided at the time of the incident itself, or following further consideration.

Follow the link in the email you received, or from the dashboard. You will see a summary of the incident, a list of existing Actions and options to create further Actions or Investigations. In this case we are responding to a new incident that requires an investigation - select Create Investigation.

What follows is the high level information standard to all investigations. Answer all of the questions with a Yes / No and complete the boxes where appropriate.

The Summary box is key – and should be updated as the investigation proceeds. At this stage it is probably sufficient to just type “Investigation ongoing”.

Hit Create New Investigation, when complete. The following screenshot is the bottom ½ of the form:

Back to the incident overview and this time follow the link to the only Action – ‘Investigation Required’. Close this action by entering “Investigation Started”.

The investigation will develop Actions as you proceed, just select Create Action from the incident overview page. A likely early one would be ‘Interview witnesses’. 

You will note that the incident overview page is automatically updated with the progress of the investigation and what you have done with actions.

Conduct the interviews and upload the file. Either close-out or update the Action depending on the findings (i.e. more interviews may be needed, or you haven't got them all in).

Create another Action depending on the findings of the interviews or other investigations – click the Create Action button.

When the investigation is complete, update the Summary and hit the Approve & Close Investigation.

It is perfectly possible that more complex or serious incidents spawn multiple related investigations with many Actions. In these cases the investigation team may be large with actions assigned to several different people.