What iPad or iPhone should I use?

Despite its power, the Assure360 app doesn't require a sophisticated iPad or iPhone. We have successfully run the app on an iPhone 5S, iPad 4 and iPad Mini 2. The key is that it must be running iOS9 or better (this is Apple's  operating system). Running an up to date iOS on an elderly device can be slow going - but that's to be expected. 

However the recommended devices are iPhone 6 or better (due to the larger screen) or iPad Air2 - the one I have (due to the anti-glare screen). As Apple don't market the Air2  anymore - the iPad 'New' would be perfectly ok. 

A final note on connectivity. Assure360 has always prided itself on off-line data capture and that remains the case with version 2.0. However, some of the new bells and whistles get updated, so it is useful (but not essential) to have mobile data / for these occasional updates.