There are two paths to get your personal monitoring data onto Assure360.

One is significantly easier than the other.

Option A) 

This option works if you stay on top of your routine exposure records. All you do is find the existing routine exposure and edit it to include the measured exposure value.

This is how you do it...


Then type some key info from the personal monitoring test into the small search box on the top right of the table. eg Date of test, Site name etc - see below.

This will filter the data down. You then find the corresponding exposure record. Be sure to check that the Activity matches up.

Then, using the centre mouse button, click the blue ref link for the exposure to open up the info file.

Click the EDIT EXPOSURE link

Then simply enter the measured exposure rate and ensure that the answer to 'Was the exposure measured?' is YES. The click UPDATE EXPOSURE.

NB You always enter the highest value of the measured result and the limit of quantification.


If when you search for the routine exposure it is not present then you will need to manually complete the PERSONAL MONITORING TEST form. (CREATE - PERSONAL MONITORING TEST)

As you can see there is more to do here. You also need to hunt down more info from site documents like the contracts manager and supervisor names. 

TIP - Start with the EXPOSURE ACTIVITY - if the activity you need is not in the list then you will need to enter it using the 'MANAGE ANTICIPATED ACTIVITY' form (ADMIN - MANAGE ANTICIPATED ACTIVITY (AER)) - Once you have entered it you will then need to refresh the Personal monitoring test form for it to appear, this clears the info you already entered, so its always best to start with the Exposure Activity.